Barbed wire mounting

Installation of a concertina security barrier on a concrete fence

Razor wire mounting

Barbed wire and razor wire barriers mounting

Installation of barbed wire and razor wire barriers

High-quality barbed wire installation is the key to a long and effective operation of the engineering system of perimeter protection without reducing its operational properties. No matter what modern and high-quality barbed wire is used, how effective types of razor wire barriers are not used, the installation of barbed wire always has a decisive influence on reliability and efficiency object protection. For this reason, if you are going to buy razor wire, do not lose sight of how it will be installed on the site.

The installation of various types of barbed wire and razor wire barriers is very different in complexity of its implementation and danger to installers. For example, on your own, you can try to install the Kayman barbed wire in one or several rows or mount on the fence Kayman concertina barrier with a diameter of 400 mm. The effectiveness of artisanal installation of barbed wire will be in question, but such work can be done by ordinary workers, however, with a risk to their health.

But attempts to independently mount concertina barriers with a diameter of one and a half meters or pyramidal barriers with a total height of about three meters can end very poorly – such razor wire barriers are dangerous not only for attackers, but also for unprofessional installers. Manipulate razor wire obstacles of this size and weight can only be specialists with extensive experience working with similar products.

For these reasons, it is better not to risk it, but to entrust the installation of barbed wire and the installation of razor wire security barriers to specialists in this field. For many years, our professional installers have been engaged in the installation of any type of barbed wire and razor wire barriers at objects of any type and purpose. The teams of our installers possess the skills to work even with the most dangerous types of razor wire secuity barriers and are equipped with all the necessary equipment and materials for mounting barbed wire in any conditions. All razor wire installation work will be done quickly and efficiently, a long warranty is given on the barbed wire and its installation work.

May need

"Egoza" razor tape

Rape width 19 mm Tape thickness0.5 mm Zinc coating up to 290 g/m2

more details

"Super" clip

Wire diameter up to 5.0 mm Clip length 45 mm Metal thickness 1.5 mm

more details

Tension wire

Tension wire

Wire diameter up to 3.0 m Zinc coating up to 100 g/m2 Tear resistance 1600 N/mm2

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U-type holders for welding

Holder for welding

barrier diameter up to 1350 mm Mounting type welding Surface coating primer

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