Welded grid and Piranha fence

Welded panel fence and Piranha barbed mesh

Welded grid + Piranha

Fence height to 2.43 m Fence section length 2.5 m Barbed wire 3.8 mm

Welded grid fence and Piranha razor mesh

A fence made of welded grid and a Piranha razor mesh allows you to reliably protect any territory from intruders or from theft of property from the territory of the protected object. The combination of the strength of a metal fence made of welded panels and the high protective properties of the Piranha barbed mesh make this fence one of the most effective fences for protecting any objects. If you add such a fence with protection against digging, video surveillance systems, motion and vibration sensors connected to the alarm system, you will get an almost perfect perimeter protection system for most objects.

The basis of such a fence is a welded grid fence, which is a panel of welded grid, mounted on columns of rectangular cross section. The width of the welded grid fence panel is 2.5 meters, and the height may vary, depending on the needs of the fence customer. The welded grid is made of steel wire with a diameter of 3 to 6 mm, single or double horizontal rods can be used, the panel can have horizontal stiffeners. Welded panels are fastened to the poles with the help of special clamps having an anti-vandal design. To protect against corrosion, poles, welded panels and clamps are galvanized and can be painted with polymer powder paint for additional protection against corrosion and giving the fence the desired color. The fence posts are either embedded in a concrete base or attached to the fence foundation with flanges.

A Piranha razor mesh is mounted on the surface of the installed fence from welded panels to enhance its protective properties. Fastening the barbed mesh to the welded panels of the fence is carried out by the same Super type clipss that are used to make the Piranha barbed mesh and fasten its single rolls into a continuous web. After mounting the barbed mesh on the fence from welded panels, it is almost impossible to disassemble or destroy it without the use of a special tool and sufficient time for this. But, since such fences are usually used in conjunction with video surveillance and alarm systems, such a fence can be considered a very reliable fence.

A fence made of welded panels, reinforced with a Piranha razor mesh, is not only a reliable and effective fence of any object, but also a good basis for an integrated perimeter protection system. Such a fence can be further strengthened by engineering means of perimeter protection – install a spiral barrier over the fence Kayman concertina barrier or visor from flat barriers, additional welded panels or a Piranha barbed mesh buried in the ground can be used to protect from undermining. For installation of the fence, poles of increased height can be used to install surveillance cameras, a vibration-sensitive cable connected to the alarm system can be mounted on the surface of the fence and razor wire barriers. Given the complexity of installing the Piranha razor mesh and the integrated approach to protecting the perimeter, it’s best to entrust the professional installers to work on installing the fence from welded panels and razor mesh.


Fence height, mm, to 2430
fence section length, mm 2500
Grid wire diameter, mm, up to 6.0
Grid cell size, mm 50x200
Barbed mesh height, mm 2700
Barbed wire diameter, mm 3.8

May need

"Egoza" razor tape

Rape width 19 mm Tape thickness0.5 mm Zinc coating up to 290 g/m2

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"Super" clip

Wire diameter up to 5.0 mm Clip length 45 mm Metal thickness 1.5 mm

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Tension wire

Tension wire

Wire diameter up to 3.0 m Zinc coating up to 100 g/m2 Tear resistance 1600 N/mm2

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U-type holders for welding

Holder for welding

barrier diameter up to 1350 mm Mounting type welding Surface coating primer

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