Screw pile

Screw pile close-up

Screw pile

Screw pile length 0.5 m Screw pile diameter 25 mm Screw diameter 100 mm Price from 450,00

Screw piles

Screw piles are used for quick and reliable installation of razor wire security barriers in any area. Especially effective is the use of screw piles when barbed wire installing in rough terrain when the installation of poles or any other structures is difficult or impossible. Typically, screw piles are used for mounting large diameter concertina barriers or Kayman pyramidal barriers on the surface of the earth.

The most effective way to mount razor wire barriers on the surface of the earth is to use screw piles and metal fittings. Screw piles are screwed into the ground, reinforcement is threaded into their eyes, passing inside the concertina barrier, and then segments of the reinforcement are welded together. With this installation method, the razor wire barriers is almost impossible to lift or separate from the ground. Screw piles can be used not only for mounting barbed wire, but also for installing certain types of fences.

A screw pile with a length of 500 mm, a diameter of 25 mm and a diameter of screw blades of 100 mm is serially produced – these dimensions are optimal for the installation of most types of razor wire barriers. At the rear of the screw pile there is a hole for attaching razor wire barriers using knitting wire or metal fittings. If necessary, any type of screw pile can be made for specific needs – of a larger diameter and length, with a flange for attaching fence posts and other types.


Screw pile length, mm 500
Screw pile diameter, mm 25
Screw diameter, mm 100