U-type holder for dowels

Holder for bolt connection

Holder for dowels

Barrier diameter up to 1350 mm Mount type dowels Coating polymer Price from 360,00

U-type holder for dowels or bolts

The U-type holder for dowels or bolts is used on those types of fences or structures on which mounting by welding is not possible for safety reasons or for aesthetic reasons. Fastening holders with dowels or bolts provides no less strength than welding, while allowing you to perform barbed wire installation on fire hazardous facilities or on modern fences such as fences from welded grid panels. Bolt-on holders can be used to mount any type of concertina barriers.

The U-type holder for fixing with dowels or bolts is made of a curved square tube, the ends of which are closed with plastic plugs. At the ends of the holder there are holes for knitting or tension wires, and a metal profile with holes for dowels or bolts is welded at the bottom. To give the desired color to the color of the fence and to protect against corrosion, the U-type holder for fixing with dowels or bolts is coated with polymer powder paint. Holders for a concertina security barrier with a diameter from 400 to 1350 mm are mass-produced, but if necessary, holders of any size and color required by the client can be made.


Type of bracket mounting dowel
Barrier diameter, mm 400-1350