Fences and barriers installation

Installation of a fence made of welded panels

Fences installation

A fence is present on any object, regardless of its purpose

Installation of fences and barriers

A fence or other barriers is an indispensable attribute of any object, regardless of its size, purpose and location. Anything can serve as a territory fence – from a hedge less than a meter high to powerful fences made of concrete slabs or bricks. But excluding extremes, one of the most common types of fencing, suitable for most objects, is a fence made of welded panels or a welded grid fence. But it’s not enough just to get such a fence, you need to install it securely on the ground.

There are several ways to install fences from welded panels – a strip foundation can be laid around the entire perimeter of the object, to which fence posts will be fastened with a flange connection, or posts that can be embedded into a concrete base individually can be used. Depending on the purpose of the fence, poles of various sections and heights can be used in it, welded panels made of wire of various diameters can be used, entrances and entrances to the fenced area can be equipped with gates, sliding or swing gates. Additional welded grid panels or the Piranha razor mesh can be used to protect against undermining.

If the primary goal is to protect the territory, and not for aesthetic reasons, a barbed wire fence or razor wire barriers of various type. The choice of barbed wire fence design depends on the type of object to be protected, safety requirements and the budget of the perimeter engineering protection project.

In any case, the design and installation of fences made of welded grid panels or barbed wire is best left to professionals. We have at our disposal teams of professional installers with extensive experience in installing all types of fences and barriers at any facility in any environment. All work is carried out efficiently and in strictly agreed terms.

May need

"Egoza" razor tape

Rape width 19 mm Tape thickness0.5 mm Zinc coating up to 290 g/m2

more details

"Super" clip

Wire diameter up to 5.0 mm Clip length 45 mm Metal thickness 1.5 mm

more details

Tension wire

Tension wire

Wire diameter up to 3.0 m Zinc coating up to 100 g/m2 Tear resistance 1600 N/mm2

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U-type holders for welding

Holder for welding

barrier diameter up to 1350 mm Mounting type welding Surface coating primer

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