Fences strengthening with razor mesh

Chain-link fence reinforced with Kayman barbed mesh

Fences strengthening

Strengthening the protective properties of old fences and barriers with piranha razor mesh

Enhancing the protective properties of fences with Piranha razor mesh

A new modern fence or fence is the best choice, but a new fence is the entire cycle of work on its installation, from the dismantling of old structures if available, preparatory work to create the foundation or installation of poles, installation of fence panels, and this is not counting the acquisition of a new fence. But sometimes the task is to significantly increase the effectiveness of protecting the territory, and there is an old fence, for example, a fence from chain-link, and a limited budget that does not allow you to buy a new fence and pay for its installation. There is a way to solve this situation – reinforce the old fence with the Piranha razor mesh.

The Piranha razor mesh can be installed on any type of old fences, for its installation special clips, knitting wire or other methods can be used. Piranha barbed mesh forms a continuous canvas from 2 to 2.7 meters high, allowing you to strengthen the protective properties of the old fence of any length, and, if necessary, increase it effective height only due to the installation of Piranha. Sharp rows of spikes along the upper and lower edges of the razor mesh will not allow you to climb under the fence or climb over it, and the razor mesh itself will significantly increase the strength of the netting or other material of the old fence, while not allowing it to climb.

Since the Piranha razor mesh is difficult to mount with a razor wire obstacle, it is better to entrust our specialists with the installation of the barbed mesh on the old fence. We have teams of professional installers specializing in installing fences and barriers, installation of barbed wire and razor wire barriers of any type and design. Having at its disposal all the necessary equipment and components, our installers are able to carry out any work to strengthen the design of old fences and barriers at any facilities with high quality and on time.

May need

"Egoza" razor tape

Rape width 19 mm Tape thickness0.5 mm Zinc coating up to 290 g/m2

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"Super" clip

Wire diameter up to 5.0 mm Clip length 45 mm Metal thickness 1.5 mm

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Tension wire

Tension wire

Wire diameter up to 3.0 m Zinc coating up to 100 g/m2 Tear resistance 1600 N/mm2

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U-type holders for welding

Holder for welding

barrier diameter up to 1350 mm Mounting type welding Surface coating primer

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