U-type holders for welding

Weld holder for Kayman concertina obstacle

Holder for welding

barrier diameter up to 1350 mm Mounting type welding Surface coating primer Price from 144,00

U-type welded holder

The U-type welded bracket is used to mount all types of concertina barriers on fences and other structures. U-type holder of this type is designed for installation on those types of structures where it is convenient to use welding for its installation. The U-type holder for welding is usually installed on brick or concrete fences using fittings laid in fence plates or bricks, after which the golder itself is welded. Also, the U-type holder for welding can be installed on any type of metal structures and metal elements of fences, buildings and fences. An exception may be objects where the use of welding is prohibited or difficult, as well as welded grid fences, where it is better to use U-type bolt-on holders.

The U-type holder for welding is made of a square tube and has the shape of a semicircle. At the ends of the holder there are holes for a knitting or tension wire, the ends of the pipe are closed with plastic plugs. To protect against corrosion, the holders are coated with a primer, and after welding, they are additionally painted in places where the coating is damaged by welding. U-type holders for concertina barriers with a diameter from 400 to 1350 mm are serially produced; brackets of any required size can be made to order.


Holder mounting type welding
Barrier diameter, mm 400-1350